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Whether you’re looking to add factors or go passwordless, our portfolio of authentication methods helps you build a customized multi-factor authentication solution to fit the unique needs of your organization and your customers. Created with easy integrations in mind, xAuth can be deployed into existing infrastructure and employ your choice of FIDO-certified biometric, knowledge, or possession-based factors to get a perfect-fit solution for your use case.

Key Features and Benefits

FIDO-certified fraud prevention
Standards-based FIDO UAF and FIDO2-certified biometric authenticators are available as an MFA factor. xAuth secures the authentication between device and server applications using cryptographic signatures and attestation for the authenticator.
You choose your technology
Select from a wide variety of mobile device, mobile app, web, and cross-channel passwordless and password-based authentication factors, including those that are inherently multi-factor and those that can be combined to create strong identity protection.
Easy integrations
xAuth can be customized to fit the security and accessibility needs of your organization. It was designed for easy integration into existing systems, like CIAM or CMS, as well as web and mobile apps.
Contiguous identity compatibility
Integrate xAuth with Daon’s platforms and suite of proofing and authentication applications for low-friction customer engagement with a single identity record for every customer.

Daon is a Frost Radar™ Leader for Biometric Authentication Solutions

Available Authentication Factors

Android Biometric
Device Signals
Face ID
FIDO UAF Biometrics
FIDO WebAuthn
Push Notifications
Push to App
Registered Device
USB Security Key

Frequently Asked Questions

Which xAuth factors are recommended?
FIDO2 authentication is the most frequently utilized first layer for multi-factor authentication, based on its security and convenience profiles. The choice of a second factor is highly determined by use case.

Is xAuth strong enough to meet my compliance needs?
For organizations that need to meet regulatory compliance standards, we recommend augmenting xAuth with xFace.

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