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Seamlessly harness the power of voice to authenticate any customer, anywhere – in seconds. Keep fraudsters out with advanced anti-spoofing technology powered by AI and machine-learning algorithms trained to detect synthetic speech and voice replay. xVoice was built to integrate seamlessly with existing IVR, offers passive registration and authentication for little to no customer friction, and supports multi-factor authentication for high-value transactions.

Key Features and Benefits

Advanced anti-spoofing technology
Built with industry-leading passive and active voice matching algorithms and anti-spoofing technology, including replay, synthetic speech, pre-seen audio, and distorted and continuous voice detection, you can securely register and authenticate the voice of any customer.
Frictionless registration and authentication
Passive registration can happen in a matter of seconds during a contact center conversation or interactions with an IVR, with no requirement for guided action from the customer other than to grant their permission. Authentication happens even faster.
FIDO compatibility
While passive voice algorithms must be stored on a server, the active voice component of xVoice is available as a FIDO-compliant mobile authenticator for multi-factor applications.
Multi-factor authentication support
From the simplicity of confirming the incoming phone number to the power of pushing a facial biometric scan to a mobile app, xVoice can leverage any of Daon’s authentication factors to step up its level of security
Easy integrations
xVoice can be customized to fit the security and accessibility needs of your organization and was designed for easy integration into existing IVR (interactive voice response) and other voice-based systems.
Contiguous identity compatibility
Integrate with Daon’s platforms and other proofing and authentication products to create central, singular customer identities that transfer across applications and channels.

Daon is a Frost Radar™ Leader for Biometric Authentication Solutions

How it Works

Active Voice Authentication
Active voice authentication can be used to provide access in any situation where the user’s voice can be recorded. To register their voice, they are asked to speak a specific phrase, creating a snapshot (sometimes called a voice print) of their voice that is converted into a biometric formula. The same phrase can then be used to authenticate, matching it to the existing biometric. Since this method of authentication is capturing a single phrase for matching, it can be device-based for FIDO compliance.
Passive Voice Authentication
Passive voice authentication is more suitable for applications like call centers, where the customer will be participating in a conversation that can be analyzed. To initiate the process, a call center representative would request verbal approval to capture the customer’s biometric. Then, just a few seconds of dialog from the customer is required to capture their voice print, with no further interaction from the customer. The customer can then be authenticated on all future calls even faster, without any specific action on their part.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will xVoice work if my customer is sick?
This depends on the severity of the illness’s effect on the customer’s voice, but our biometric algorithms capture hundreds of points for matching, so there is a good chance that the customer will still be able to authenticate even if their voice is not 100% “typical.”

Is xVoice susceptible to AI-generated recordings?
As the capabilities of AI are expanding at an incredible rate, we don’t want to say it won’t ever be an issue, but the anti-spoofing technology we use for xVoice is already designed to detect playback of any kind. Our scientists are also actively working to develop algorithms specifically designed for battling AI.

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